The design started from square Kufic calligraphy decoration of Isfahan mosques. Walls resuscitate and become book pages (if you can read Arabic, of course), and it looks so beautiful and delicate. Tile and brick patterns remind carpets put on walls. The fact that wall decoration of a mosque looks like a carpet inspired me some time ago to make a zillij piece out of square tiles and I wrote a post about it – Weaving in clay – square tile Zillij

So I draw a square pattern that looks like calligraphy in a very laconic grey colour palette.

I was looking through the Metropolitan Museum of Art web-site when I came across jewellery sketches by Fernand Chardon. This changed the concept. Emeral story poped up in my imagination and I used emerald palette for my Kufic squares. Square-like patterns are very common for folklore textile decoration. I picked some from my Pinterest collection to illustrate this.

Couldn’t stop myself from making a couple of plate designs to complete the picture))))










ps Photos for moodboardes are from The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Christie’s, Koginblog, and taken by me in Isfahan.


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