NAZARLI decorative plates

NAZARLI is a company I set up recentely. NAZARLI offers you stylish, elegant, simple interior decor items designed with respect to Islamic artistic tradition.
So I start with handmade decorative plates. High quality tableware made in England is on its way. Then it is going to be hand printed home textiles and lighting. Really looking forward to it and very excited! Hope you too)))))))

NAZARLI web site is

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Here are some of NAZARLI plates. For the whole collection – see web-site

plates by NAZARLI flower-2-1ottoman wildlife NAZARLI plates by NAZARLI  Nazarli plates


African sketches


Made some sketches on African theme. Don’t know how to use them for textile design yet, need to wait for some enlightment.

Original African textile designs are simple and have a sense of rythm. Tribal culture in general is very much based on ‘rythm’, probably reflecting a heartbeating. Have a look on my African textils collection on if you’re interested.

African sketches African sketches

Forest Gifts design

I took my drawings of forest fruits – berries, hazelnuts, wild mushrooms, and pine cones – to create these designs. I wanted them to look sketch-like and airy. I wanted to treat gifts from the forest delicately. Forest was always kind to people providing them with food, and with wood to build and warm up houses. Woods are also a source of fresh air and a home for wildlife. Let’s be thankful to forests.

forest gifts mood_

Forest gifts. Hazelnuts

Forest gifts. Mushrooms

Turquoise melody


This is the first real design I made. Saying ‘real’ I mean that I used my imagination and went experimenting with different ways of filling up the space and colouring it. The basis is traditional Islamic geometry which can be found on walls of mosques and on other Islamic art objects.

My goal was to make it closer to European perception leaving the pronciples of divine proportion untouched. I feel like I made it, so far it is one of my favourite works.