NAZARLI decorative plates

NAZARLI is a company I set up recentely. NAZARLI offers you stylish, elegant, simple interior decor items designed with respect to Islamic artistic tradition.
So I start with handmade decorative plates. High quality tableware made in England is on its way. Then it is going to be hand printed home textiles and lighting. Really looking forward to it and very excited! Hope you too)))))))

NAZARLI web site is

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Here are some of NAZARLI plates. For the whole collection – see web-site

plates by NAZARLI flower-2-1ottoman wildlife NAZARLI plates by NAZARLI  Nazarli plates


Spirals in nature

Celebrating spirals!  Flowers, plants, snails, shells, broccoli, pine cones ->

Aloe polyphylla by J Brew - cc license

Aloe polyphylla by J Brew – cc license

Broccoli by Jon Sullivan - cc license

Broccoli by Jon Sullivan – cc license

Aloe polyphylla spiral by Just chaos - cc license

Aloe polyphylla spiral by Just chaos – cc license

Aloe polyphylla by brewbooks - cc license

Aloe polyphylla by brewbooks – cc license

Nautilus Cutaway Logarithmic Spiral by Chris 73 Wikimedia Commons - cc license

Nautilus Cutaway Logarithmic Spiral by Chris 73 Wikimedia Commons – cc license

spirals in nature - flower DSCN9001 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA spirals in nature - flower spirals in nature - plant spirals in nature - pine comb spirals in nature - banana leaf spirals in nature - rose spirals in nature - pine comb OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Tiles from Egypt


Came across a collection of delicate Egyptian tiles of 12-14th century. Love the colour palette! They remind me of mosques decoration in Damascus.  Probably the same period of history.  Source – Metropolitan museum of art, New York. 8 lovely pieces ->Tile, 12th–14th century, Egypt, Met_6Tile, 12th–14th century, Egypt, Met_5 Tile, 12th–14th century, Egypt, Met_4 Tile, 12th–14th century, Egypt, Met_2 Tile, 12th–14th century, Egypt, Met_3 Tile, 12th–14th century, Egypt, Met_7 Tile, 12th–14th century, Egypt, Met_1 Tile, 12th–14th century, Egypt, Met


African sketches


Made some sketches on African theme. Don’t know how to use them for textile design yet, need to wait for some enlightment.

Original African textile designs are simple and have a sense of rythm. Tribal culture in general is very much based on ‘rythm’, probably reflecting a heartbeating. Have a look on my African textils collection on if you’re interested.

African sketches African sketches

Go wavy. Scallop design story


This gallery contains 22 photos.

Mosaic floor from Tunisia, showing Medusa in the center.  Mosaic fragment  from Antakya Archeological Museum, Turkey, 3rd century A.D. Patterns of both pieces are based on the shape of the ‘scallop’ and the design was widespread in Roman and Byzantine … Continue reading

Weaving in clay – square tile Zillij


This gallery contains 53 photos.

Tile decoration of mosques always looks like a carpet for me.  Painted with biomorphic design tiles symbolise Paradise. Square tile pieces, usually small, when put toghether form a patterm that remind me of rugs, or kilims.  Being fasinated with the decoration … Continue reading

Zillij – The art of ceramic lace


This gallery contains 20 photos.

In Arabic cut-tile work is called Zillij. This work I made on the 2nd year of my Masters and it is a copy of a zillij panel in the Jame Mosque of Yazd (built in 1330-1365 AD). Zillij is basically … Continue reading

Garden theme

Came across a picture of a lovely plate made by Islamic masters of Mawarannahr in 10th century. Most likely the flowers depicted were roses because of a tiny spiral in the middle. I like roses and they remind me of English gardens. So I draw the bouquet motif in Illustrator and used my English garden colour palette. As a result I’ve got a design for, lets say a wallpaper, and a couple of border designs.ImageImage