Beautiful 12-fold geometry


Here are some geometry constructions of this beautiful 12-fold pattern from the door of Yazd Jame mosque. 3 more photos->

12-fold pattern construction 12-fold pattern construction

12-fold pattern constructiondoor Yazd Jame mosque


Carnation motif in mosaics


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Mosaics as a traditional art technique represents the fundamental principle of the universe – unity in diversity. All creatures consist of cells; cells from molecules, molecules from atoms, and the atom is a basic unit of matter. So the principle … Continue reading

Turquoise melody


This is the first real design I made. Saying ‘real’ I mean that I used my imagination and went experimenting with different ways of filling up the space and colouring it. The basis is traditional Islamic geometry which can be found on walls of mosques and on other Islamic art objects.

My goal was to make it closer to European perception leaving the pronciples of divine proportion untouched. I feel like I made it, so far it is one of my favourite works.